Can you recommend an FHA Mortgage Lender in Sevier County?

Our seasoned mortgage bankers would be glad to help. Most have over 20 experience helping people buy or refinance homes using FHA mortgage loans. Either fill out the contact form below or call us directly at 865-429-2797 and speak with one of our knowledgeable mortgage professionals. Visit our other websites in reference to Tennessee Home […]

Can I use FHA loans for home repairs?

Yes! Simple home improvements can be financed with a Federal Housing Administration loan from BOE Mortgage. Roof repair, disability accessibility improvements, flooring refurbishment, or the purchase of new appliances are just a few eligible improvements you could make with FHA loans. Ask our experts if your project qualifies for an FHA loan. Debbie Scarantino NMLS […]

Where can I apply for an FHA Mortgage Loan in Sevier County, TN?

Bank of England Mortgage. Most often getting pre-qualified for an FHA home loan can be done over the phone. If you are here in Sevier or the surrounding counties and want to meet with one of our mortgage professionals give us a call to schedule a time. It’s easier than you think! Visit our other […]

Why would I refinance a mortgage?

There are several reasons people choose to refinance a mortgage, such as lowering your monthly payments, getting cash out of the value of your home, or changing to a fixed rate mortgage. No matter why you want to refinance, mortgage information from Bank of England Mortgage experts will ensure you get the perfect home loan […]