How can a Reverse Mortgage be advantageous for Seniors who own their own home?

Visit our other websites in reference to Tennessee Home Loan Mortgages. http://www.boetennessee.com http://www.vahomeloanapplications.com http://www.usdahomeloanapplication.com Debbie Scarantino with Bank of England Mortgage Tennessee is a credit counselor. If you have further questions about how you might secure a home loan please feel free to use this form to ask your questions and we will be happy […]

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Where can I apply for an FHA Mortgage Loan in Sevier County, TN?

Bank of England Mortgage. Most often getting pre-qualified for an FHA home loan can be done over the phone. If you are here in Sevier or the surrounding counties and want to meet with one of our mortgage professionals give us a call to schedule a time. It’s easier than you think! Visit our other […]


How do I apply for an FHA Home Mortgage Loan?

The process of getting an FHA mortgage is straightforward and simple. Most often getting pre-qualified can be done right over the phone. If you’re looking to buy a home using an FHA mortgage give us a call at 865-429-2797 our mortgage bankers would be glad to assist you. Bank of England Mortgage in Sevierville, Tennessee […]


Are Reverse Mortgages FHA loans?

Yes, reverse mortgages are insured by the Federal Housing Administration. However FHA doesn’t lend the funds individual banks such as ours do that. Bank of England Mortgage is approved by the FHA to originate Reverse mortgages. Call us to receive free no-obligation information at 865-429-2797. Visit our other websites in reference to Tennessee Home Loan […]